Vintage goods in full regale

Shopped: 12 Picks from the Pop Up Flea

Below you’ll find a dozen-ish picks from the Pop Up Flea. Given our druthers we would have snagged the whole lot, but alas we left with only a few… at least for today. If you’re in New York, be sure to make it down to 159 Bleecker street — wallet in tow — because there are plenty of finds to be scored. A well-deserved hat tip to Michael Williams and Randy Goldberg for bringing together one fine collective.

Hit the jump for the rundown.

Chukkas, Red Wing Shoe Co.

Lanyards, Tanner Goods

Dead Stock Jaeger LeCoultre, Hodinkee

Branded goods, Wooden Sleepers

Pants, Grown & Sewn

Waxed suede boot, Oak Street Bootmakers

Buckled dopp kit, Billykirk

Leather chair and stool, Sit and Read

Made in USA card, Terrapin Stationers

Model bomber on price card stand, Three Potato Four

Stumptown Boots, Danner

Ties, squares, suspenders and such, Alexander Olch

Loafers, Rancourt & Co. Shoecrafters

Jack Daniels

The full roster.