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Design Spotlight: SAY Yachts

December 13, 2011 Cars By Photo by SAY

Carbon fiber is used everywhere these days. From phone cases to the svelte bodies of supercars. So, why not a yacht? Well, SAY (Sven Akermann Carbon Yachts) has done just that with their custom built boats. From power boats to full yachts, SAY builds these nautical masterpieces from Carbon-Airex epoxy maaterials providing strength, rigidity and lightness. The use of CF allows owners to power the boats with Weber jets or a small, more fuel-efficient motor, as opposed to massive, fuel-chugging outboards. Also, the boats are available with an open transom providing owners with a large open platform for scuba diving preparations, so they’re more than just hi-tech eye-candy. They’re practical seafaring vessels for the insanely rich.

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