Wilton Bad Ass Sledge Hammer

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There are sledge hammers, then there are sledge hammers backed with a guarantee to pay you a cool grand if you can muster up the muscle to break one. Yes, that’d be the Wilton Bad Ass Sledge Hammer ($38) we’re referring to. B.A.S.H. for short. Why so much confidence? Well if you’ve done a fair share of hammering then you know the weakest point of a hammer is the neck. Fractures and flailing hammer heads (fore!) rarely lead to good things, so to prevent breaks Wilton has dropped in six steel rods that run the length of the handle and head core. This not only prevents dangerous snappage but also staves fatigue-inducing vibrations from mishits. That means the B.A.S.H. will not only crush its intended target, but also make you a better leviathan in the process.

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