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2013 BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe

Cars By Photo by BMW

It’s an answer to a question that nobody asked. The four door luxury sports ‘coupe’, an oxymoron, frankly. But the odd thing is, it works. The Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe spawned it all and showed the world that a car can be rakishly good looking, have a low roofline, four doors and still be utterly desirable. This gave way to the Audi A7 and now, the 2013 BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe. Born from the 2007 BMW Concept CS, the Gran Coupe is essentially an elongated version of the 6-Series Coupe, with two more doors. It’s nearly 9 inches longer with over four inches more of rear legroom. It not only carries passengers in greater comfort, it looks better, in our opinion. More cohesive and full in its design, the Gran Coupe is both sleek and posh. Plus, it comes in two tasty flavors. The capable 315 horsepower 640i and and the ballsy 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 650i with a whopping 445 horses. Oomph. The Gran Coupe will sprint to 60 in less than 5 seconds. Don’t sip your macchiato as you nail the throttle. The rest of the car sports the full Beemer Monty, with luxury appointments and tech galore. You can even tack on the M Sport pack with bigger pipes, bigger wheels and those lovely BMW Sport Seats to keep your post-holiday chunkiness planted firmly.

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