Liberty City goes mobile

Grand Theft Auto III for iOS & Android

Tech : Apps By Photo by Rockstar

The game that changed the gaming industry and inflamed parents across the globe thanks to its unabashed encouragement of senseless violence recently turned 10. To celebrate, Rockstar has re-released the classic for newer iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android devices for a shocking price of $5. Essentially it’s the same experience most will remember, just with virtual controls to accommodate a touch screen. Rockstar has also kindly tossed in a do over option that allows users to immediately restart a mission should they fail v. backtracking to the mission initiator. Despite the new platform, the game play is suprisingly manageable, although all the frustrating aiming and driving quirks of the original are still present. The graphics won’t blow away veteran players of today’s phone and tablet blockbusters either, but considering they were developed over a decade ago things still look pretty damn good. Despite those caveats, GTA III is still one of the best games available for your shiny tablet or phone, and should bring back waves of nostalgia for those who fell victim to the original. Just make sure your device has the guts to handle this beast before buying it by reviewing the list of compatible hardware.

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