Hidden In Plain Sight

Quarterre Bike Racks

Design : Science By Photo by Quarterre

Quarterre is first and foremost a London-based, multi-disciplinary design studio that has been lending their talents to luxury manufacturers over the past four decades in the fields of transport, product, and entertainment design. They also dabble in creating fantastic looking bike accessories that provide convenient storage to two-wheeled commuters without sacrificing a sense of interior style. Their current offerings include the freestanding Shadow (top right), the minimal hood (lower left), and the double rack Branchline (upper left). Each model is distinguished by geometric angles and premium FSC sourced wood, powder coated steel, and leather materials befitting of their upscale price tags. True interior design connoisseurs can also opt to have any rack model customized with a variety of colors and finishes to strike the perfect balance with their living space — for a fee of course. Don’t hold your breath for Quarterre to release a matching rack for your Razor scooter anytime in the next millenium.

Buy Now: Shadow ~$542 | Branchline $1,395 | Hood ~$200