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Tasting Notes: Woodford Reserve New & Aged Cask Rye

Culture By Photo by Woodford Reserve VIA

Winter is a harbinger of many things to many people. For bourbon fans, the coming of the cold signifies a time when some of the most respected brands in the industry release rare and specialized spirits to delight the booze-enthusiast. This year’s Master’s Collection from Woodford reserve is a curve ball of sorts, since it doesn’t feature a bourbon. Instead, they’ve created two distinctive bottles of rye whiskey, born from the same 100% rye grain mash recipe distilled in Woodford’s copper pot stills. To educate drinkers on the role of maturation in the flavoring of rye, the New Cask Rye selection was aged in new charred oak casks, to create a darker Kentucky straight rye whiskey infused with notes of cinnamon, mint, vanilla and caramel. The companion Old Cask Rye was placed into a barrel previously used for rye, creating a lighter color with stronger hints of grain, citrus and spice. A 375 ml bottle of each is included in the collection, allowing discerning drinkers to conduct side by side comparisons. Distribution for this pricey set is limited in local stores, but luckily it is available online if your favorite store didn’t make the cut.

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