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Postalco Pressed Cotton Calendar

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In the age of cloud syncing, location aware reminders, and über productivity apps, it’s easy to dismiss physical calendars as vestiges of the stone age. We embrace the convenience of a digital life as much as the next person, but that will never overshadow our fondness for finely crafted accessories like the Postalco Pressed Cotton Calendar ($66). Styled as a more portable version of the classic 1950s portfolio, this day planner measures 3.9 x 8.8 inches or about the size of a standard envelope. The design is based on the Cho Seiri calendar developed by Professor Yukio Noguchi, which features an accordion-style layout that allows users to “zoom in” to view individual days, or “zoom out” to see up to eight weeks in a row. The accompanying two-toned case is made in Japan from hard pressed cotton that is lightly waterproof, highly durable, and available in four different colorways. Slots for two inserts allow buyers to customize the calendar to their liking, complete with optional narrow notebooks. Sure, it won’t accept voice commands, but it’ll keep you organized in style as long as your hands still remember how to write.

Buy Now: Calendar/Notebook Inserts $26 | Calendar Case $66