Arcam rCube

Tech : Electronics By Photo by rCube VIA

The Arcam rCube is another high-end iPhone dock to hit the home audio market along the lines of the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air. What sets Arcam’s offering apart from the rest is the Sonos-like ability to wirelessly network up to four rCubes throughout the house, using an included USB dongle, for a complete home audio solution. The same dongle enables the box to stream music from your iDevice or computer as well. Unlike its wired competition, the rCube is also portable, thanks to an integrated carrying handle and the ability to run off of batteries. The cube is available in white or black and measures just 7.9-inches while weighing under 11 pounds. Internal component specs are vague, but we do know that it boasts a total of 90 watts of power to two side-facing speakers. Given Arcam’s reputation in the audio world and the lavish praise the rCube has received from multiple hi-fi mags, the device should please most sound connoisseurs (as iPhone docks go), granted money isn’t an issue. Even after reducing the price from $800 to $450, the rCube ain’t cheap. Compared to outfitting your pied-à-terre with individual components that offered the same functionality and quality, though, it’s still a value.

Buy Now: $450