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Faralli & Mazzanti Evantra

Cars By Photo by Autoevolution VIA

Sounding like the illegitimate offspring of a pasta restaurant and one of Godzilla’s foes, the Faralli & Mazzanti Evantra is actually an exotic automobile from a niche Italian manufacturer. The car, in our opinion, is both stunning and very original. We’re hard pressed to find anything derivative about the Evantra. The tapered side windows, the flowing front fender and the very original angled suicide doors make this car stand apart from the mainstream exotics. The car isn’t all looks, however. The flat six engine is good for 400-600 horsepower, depending on whether you go naturally aspirated or forced induction (turbo). Though the engine isn’t as powerful as some other exotics, the lightweight 2,645 pound rocket will get to 60 in around three and-a-half seconds. And though the name leaves something to be desired, it’s certainly in line with some of the more bizarre car nomenclature that’s been on the recent scene. No pricing has been released yet, but expect this bespoke car to be well north of six figures.

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