Carving out comfort

Freemotion Ski Boots

Sports and Outdoors : Sports By Photo by Freemotion VIA

When it comes to comfort on the slopes, snowboarders have always had two legs up on skiers because of their boots. Freemotion is an upstart company hoping to balance things out in this area thanks to an inventive new design that combines a flexible and soft “comfort boot” with a rigid exo-frame. The two components are then secured to each other using a top-locking buckle, providing users with greater mobility in the ankle without sacrificing support and control. A front zipper allows users to quickly hop in and out of the boots, similar to the traditional mountaineering variety. Once on, a special pull string lacing system easily tightens using one hand, while a power string control system adjusts the level of foot force applied to the carving ski.

Now that we’ve buttered up your feet into imagining full, hard-hitting days on the slopes with less fatigue, we should mention that purchasing these ~$521 boots is limited to special Austrian ski shops for now. Keep an eye out on the website link below, though, to stay up to date on when ecommerce becomes available.

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