Method to the madness

Merry Christmas and a Hearty Thanks

Announcements By Photo by EY

At our humble New York office we’re surrounded by a coliseum of publications dedicated to creating excellent reading on this internet(s) we call home. Count the rest of the web in and suddenly you’ve got a lot of places to bookmark, subscribe to, add, watch, like and follow. It’s hardly duck soup. So it goes without saying that the few minutes you give us in an otherwise busy day of turbo web grazing is something we appreciate and strive to make worth your while.

Hopefully you’ve managed to find something too, whether it’s colossal or handcrafted, in hand or on our person, local or afar, epic and caffeinated or backyard and boozy, handy or harrowing, gamechanging or stylish, useful or coveted, emotional or in motion, irreverent or illogical, informative, or just plain ol’ impossible.

A certain PhD once said “not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts”, and though he was probably talking about things like, you know, theories of relativity, we think it also makes sense here. Daily, the editors and contributors put in their best heave-ho towards a single goal: serve up a piping hot plate of informative yet easily digestible briefs on what’s new (99% hype-free!), posts surfacing undiscovered gear, in-depth looks, original features and series, great design, tons of original and exclusive photography, and the occasional head-scratcher. It’s something I like to call bringing the magic of the catalog back. Not that it hasn’t happened without our share of gaffs and bellyaches either, but at the end of the day we have the ever-growing backbone of readers to thank for allowing us to log in our days doing this.

2011 has been a busy one. Amongst other things a few highlights include our first foray into iOS design & development, the Gear Patrol iPad app (version 1.1 coming soon, scouts honor), our first of several upcoming collaborations, and lots of great original videos including our Smart Lives of Smart Men doubleheader.

As for next year — besides gobs more of the aforementioned — the two-man GP skunkworks team, er… Ben and me, is well under way on some exciting new stuff. We’re also are continuing our march towards improving the reading experience (you may have noticed the recent reduction in advertising clutter), which you’ll see more of in upcoming updates. Either way, we can’t wait for you to dig into everything we have in store for 2012.

Until then we’d like to take this moment to extend a hearty thanks to all our readers, colleagues, friends and sponsors for a stellar year.

We’ll see you on Tuesday, after a few more downhill runs.