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Kobalt Double-Drive Screwdriver

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Kobalt’s new Double-Drive Screwdriver ($20) features a unique all-metal gear system that channels both clockwise and counterclockwise ratcheting motions toward turning the screw. This increased motion harnessing efficiency makes the screwdriver twice as fast as the traditional ratcheting variety (or so Kobalt claims).

To engage the double drive, users must grip the front blue collar socket while turning the handle with the other hand. The gear drive can be easily reversed via a thumb switch on the front. When the double drive isn’t in use, the tool works like any other standard ratcheting screwdriver. 21 adapters for Phillips, square, hex and star bits, as well as six nut drivers, an extender, and a fairly tacky holster/carrying case are included with the handle to tackle almost any job. Your electric drills will still smoke this inventive tool on a regular basis when it comes to raw speed, but for smaller jobs, the time savings v. setup hassle trade-off of the double-drive sounds like just what the honey-do list ordered.

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