One glove that works better than two

Camp G Comp Wind Gloves

Sports and Outdoors : Camping By Photo by Camp USA VIA

Most winter gloves force adventure seekers to choose between protection and dexterity. If you’re sick of dealing with mummy-like hand skills for the sake of keeping warm, then take a gander at the G-Comp Wind Glove ($80) from Italian outdoor brand Camp. The medium weight base glove features a durable, synthetic leather palm and Grip’R pads on the thumb and index finger, which together provide wearers with plenty of hand control. There’s also a terry wipe strip on the thumb for cleaning googles, glasses, and iPhones in a pinch. In harsher conditions, the attached ripstop nylon Windmit’N covers easily pull over the glove to protect the fingers from wind chill while leaving the palm exposed to maintain grip. Together, buying a single set of G-Comp Winds amounts to getting two pairs for the price of one — without ever having to step foot in an Old Navy.

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