Mighty Lite

LED Lenser P5R

A flashlight is a flashlight. Right? Think about all the times when you needed to reach for one in the house or the garage and the batteries were dead or if it did work, the beam was weak. Even moreso, your run-of-the-mill flashlight tends to be bulky (hence, bad for small spaces) and the beam cannot be adjusted. In comes the LED Lenser P5R ($77), a flashlight so versatile, it’ll make you wonder why you’ve bought ten identical pieces of plastic D-cell hogs from the convenience store over the past few years. We got our hands on one to test and it’s easily our favorite flashlight this year.

Measuring barely over 4.5 inches and weighing in at a mere 2.8 ounces, the P5R is the most powerful LED flashlight in its weight class, beaming out a whopping 225 lumens. Better yet, it uses a floating charge system that connects via high-powered magnet to the end cap with a USB port or a standard wall outlet and it also provides an indicator light showing charge level. The lithium ion battery is good for a healthy 1,000 charges, too, so it won’t drain your wallet. We also loved the Rapid Focus system that enables you to alter the beam aperture with one hand, but probably the coolest feature of all, the P5R uses Smart Light Technology (SLT) to run eight different light functions, including SOS, blink, strobe, defense, morse code, etc., all from varying pushes of the endcap. You’ll find that the P5R is indispensable as a practical, take-everywhere flashlight that will outshine torches four times its size. Flame ON.

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