Gourmet kitchen in nature's motel

GSI Pinnacle Base Camper Cookware

Just because you can’t (or won’t) lug your Calphalons along with you doesn’t mean your bivouac has to be barren of cookware. At least not with a set of GSI Outdoor cookware like the Pinnacle Base Camper ($110). Built with durability and easy stowability in mind, the set includes everything you need for your next campsite feast. Included in the set is a generously sized 5 liter pot with double bail handles, frypan, double sided cutting board (flat and dished surfaces), a crushproof strainer, frypan and a detachable gripper handle. What we liked: every component of the set tidily nests into the included sack, which itself serves as a wash basin. What we didn’t: our camping recipes.

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