2012 Vorsteiner BMW 5-Series V-MS

Cars By Photo by Vorsteiner

We think we can all agree that the current BMW 5-Series is both a performance and design upgrade from the last generation. Well, BMW tuner Vorsteiner has taken the German sedan and made it even more spectacular with their 2012 Vorsteiner BMW 5-Series V-MS. All new carbon fiber body panels adorn a standard 5-Series sedan with the M-Sport package, including the front spoiler and rear diffuser. Just for kicks, you can also get a seriously upgraded bolt-on cat-back high performance exhaust system in either stainless steel or ultralight titanium, which reduces weight from the standard setup by 25%. Though there isn’t a stated power increase from the already impressive 407 horsepower in the standard package, we’re guessing you’ll see a slight bump in power from the increased airflow once you get the car on a dyno. Needless to say, your 5-series will make just about any other version of the 5-series (even the upcoming brutish M5) look somewhat run-of-the-mill. Just don’t try to race the M5. It’ll blow your sideskirts off.

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