Hammer of dawn

Hands On: Surefire UB3t Invictus

If Commissioner Gordon happens to be looking for an upgraded and portable Bat Signal, we’d say the Surefire UB3T Invictus ($695) could be easily retrofitted to light the Gotham night. Machined from hardened aerospace aluminum and anodized in matte black with tempered glass window it’s tactical excess in its most beautiful form. It features multiple light settings including SOS, strobe, and eight selectable light levels from 2.0 lumens to a truly retina scorching 800 lumens. All the light settings are accessible via an intuitive selector ring which also displays your battery level. Depending on how much illumination you desire, the three 123A batteries can last between 1.7 hours and an astounding 150 hours.

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In testing we found it to throw a tight and absolutely blinding beam at least 200 meters on its highest setting. Even at 2.0 lumens you’d do well not to play flashlight tag with it, unless you aim to blind your adversaries. The machined aluminum Combat Grip body provided a rock solid grip. We were also surprised at how light and balanced the Invictus was. It handled like a much smaller flashlight while crushing any flashlight we’ve ever tested. The Max-Blast tailcap switch was also a convenient feature allowing you to press momentarily for your selected light level or press further to bring all 800 lumens to bear. For those of you more tactically inclined or in a line of work that requires it, the Invictus is ideal for flashlight/handgun techniques. The fact is you’re paying for everything you get in the Invictus, it carries a hefty price tag for sure. But, if your life depends on the gear you carry or you insist on the very best, it will serve you well.

Buy Now: $695