Boxed-Up Box Office

BryteWerks Model One

Tech : Electronics By Photo by BryteWerks VIA

Newbies in the display game rarely succeed given the variety of entrenched brands already doing well in the space. BryteWerks hopes to become an exception with their soon to be released Model One Cube, which takes a slightly more literal approach to the concept of a home theater in a box. Inside the sleek black brick lies a 16:10 widescreen 1920 x 1200 projector with a brightness range of 6,000-11,000 depending on configuration, as well as a full-fledged home theater PC and Blu-ray drive. Processor specs range from an Intel Core i3 CPU up to an i7, while storage starts at 500GB and maxes out at 2GB. If that one-two punch still isn’t inventive enough for you, keep in mind that the system also includes an embedded 720p 8.9-inch touchscreen for controlling the device. A wireless keyboard and mouse, or an Android & iOS app can steer things from afar for those who prefer not to get up. Other details at this moment are slim, but we do know prices will range from $2,499 to $5,999. Keep your eyes on the link below to learn more once their official site launches on January 9th or just sign up for an email alert.

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