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Tasting Notes: Jefferson’s Bourbon

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Maybe it’s just our nature to root for the little guy, but man, we sure love small batch bourbons. The industry giants put out some fine products, but it’s the smaller players that take up most of the space on our home bars. Like Jefferson’s ($30), a very small batch, hand-crafted and Kentucky-bred bourbon.

Jefferson’s Bourbon is the result of marrying just eight to 12 barrels of various aged bourbons. For comparison sake, many other “small batch” bourbons blend 200 to 300 barrels before bottling. The barrels are aged in metal-clad warehouses, which accentuate Kentucky’s extreme temperatures and force the whiskey to seep deep into the barrels, extracting intense flavors of vanilla and caramel from the oak.

On the nose Jefferson’s is fresh and smooth, with aromas of fruit and vanilla. Drink up to find flavors of berry and citrus mingling with caramel, all moving toward a dry finish of creamy vanilla and toasted bread. The polished whiskey goes down easily from start to end, meaning that one glass is usually followed by another.

And all that comes packaged for about $30, making Jefferson’s one of the better value buys in the small batch market.

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