Acura NSX Concept

Cars By Photo by Acura

The automotive gods have smiled upon us. Acura just pulled the curtains back on their NSX Concept and it is glorious. As a proper, modern follow-up to their iconic original from two decades ago, the NSX Concept makes all the right design moves. Centered around the prominent trademark “power plenum” grille (this time, done right), the NSX makes excellent use of hard edges and swoopy lines to form a distinct shape that’s very pleasing to the eye.

Incorporating a mid-engine direct injection V6, the brand new Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive hybrid system (whew) and a revolutionary Bilateral Torque Adjustable Control system that is capable of generating negative or positive torque to the front wheels to aid in precision cornering, Acura’s vision is to make the car light, aiding in supercar performance, while being simultaneously environmentally conscious with the hybrid route. Acura hopes to bring this concept to production within the next three years and expect it to be driven by the likes of Tom Cruise in his next action flick where he will, of course, be really good at something.

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