The whole Bondchilada

Bond 50 Blu-ray Collection

January 10, 2012 Culture By Photo by MGM

MGM has announced the mother of all boxed sets in celebration of 50 years of James Bond wooing women, breaking gadgets, and thwarting global disaster on the silver screen. Never before have all 22 films been available in high definition Blu-ray and compiled into one epic collectors item that’s truly a must have for any fan of the longest running film franchise of all time. In fact, the set features nine films never released on Blu-ray on an individual basis. Just in case the movies aren’t enough to keep you occupied, the set also includes over 130 hours of bonus features.

We’ve embedded a trailer for the box set after the break as well, just in case you need a brief refresher on all the shenanigans 007 has dealt with since 1962.

Buy Now: $199