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D-Link DIR-505 All-In-One Mobile Companion

Tech : Electronics By Photo by D-Link

D-Link’s All-In-One Mobile Companion is a new travel accessory designed to take the headaches out of setting up a wireless network on the road. Packed inside the mouse-sized cube is a Wireless-N router, USB recharger, and an ethernet port for those in search of faster wired speeds. The small cube can just as easily be setup as a wireless repeater to extend an existing network’s range, or act as media streamer by simply connecting an external hard drive to the USB port. This shared content can be accessed on other computers sharing the network, as well as on Android and iOS devices via a SharePort Cloud app.

While Wifi is slowly becoming the norm in most hotels stateside, at $75, this little accessory could quickly pay for itself in greedy locations that charge you for each device you want online. D-Link says the All-in-One will be available for purchase this April from their online store as well as other U.S. e-tail and retail outlets.

Buy Now: $75 (Available April)