Esteemed photo journalist Vincent Laforet is considered a pioneer of DSLR video and his short film Reverie helped significantly boost Canon’s 5D Mark II camera into the forefront of the amateur digital film community. Hoping that lightening could strike twice, Canon gave Laforet early access to the EOS C300 to demonstrate the dynamic capabilities of their new video-focused jewel. Set in the harsh environment of the Mojave desert, Laforet used three c300s and composed shots by mounting the camera on tripod, sitting it on the road, tethering it to helicopters, and even used it as a hand-held. Despite running just under 12 minutes, the result contains all of the trappings of a typical summer blockbuster and follow the story of a photojournalist (wonder where that idea came from?) who stumbles upon a cartel execution and supernatural events in the “Zone of Silence” in Mexico.