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Cold Steel Leatherneck Knives

Your average man doesn’t give much thought to knives, much less fixed blade knives. But if you’re at all a prepared man and you either get to the great outdoors with some regularity or you just want to be ready for whatever may come, you might want to include one of the Cold Steel Leatherneck Series ($90) knives. Fixed blades offer better rigidity and utility in the field due to their strength, and these Cold Steel versions offer up German 4116 Stainless steel coated in non-reflective black, beefy guards to protect your fingers and comfortable and grippy Kraton handles to ensure a secure hold. The high-quality machined steel butt cap can be used as a blunt instrument in self-defense or when needing firm impact in survival tasks. You can choose from a standard pointed blade or an angled Tanto style. The included sheath can be boot-laced or belt-looped for easy access. Each blade is a full 7″ long, so you won’t be caught short when it counts. Don’t even ask about TSA compliance.

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