Cause and snowball effect


Culture : Web By Photo by Snoball

The problem with charitable giving is the lack of transparency. Sure, pitching in your money to the larger channels gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, but wouldn’t you like just a bit more control over what and how you do your charitable giving? Online giving isn’t new, and it may not just yet be feasible to see how every last time gets allocated, but Austin based startup Snoball certainly gives you more control.

Here’s how it works. First, create a “snoball”, by choosing from over 1.7 million nonprofits, and then setup a few guidelines, e.g. how much and when you want to donate. Second, spread the word. Using the power of the social web your Snoball takes on a, yup, snowball effect through sharing and adaptation of other users. That’s it. Suddenly your 500 friends and followers, and in turn their own networks, are now potential champions for your adopted cause. Snoball is totally free to use and founded by four gents who have all worked in charities themselves. Now, isn’t it time you stopped posting those self-promotion Facebook posts and tweets (we’re guilty of it, too) and point your network in a better direction?

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