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Serengeti Riano Polarized

Style : Accessories By Photo by Serengeti

Sunglasses aren’t just for the summer vacation months, especially when you’re driving. And it’s not just about looking good, though you should certainly avoid ill-fitting and overly trendy sunspecs, for personal dignity reasons, naturally. For a masculine look with some of the best optics around, look no farther than the Serengeti Riano ($219). We got a pair to test on some recent drives and the sunglasses performed extremely well. Best for medium-sized faces, the Riano sports a metal frame with the option of gunmetal, satin black or espresso coloring. The flexible temples will also help the ham-fisted and fat-headed and make the Riano very comfortable. We thoroughly love the photochromic lenses that are light sensitive and adjust with the conditions. They are simply fantastic for driving, subduing all manner of glare and allowing the right amount of visible light in to improve daytime roadgoing visibility. They also do quite well in providing contrast, even in sunlit snow. If you’re not the aviator or Wayfarer type, you should look these up. Just don’t drive a beater of a car while wearing these sunglasses since even these won’t be able to really help you.

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