All will be revealed

Deep Sky by Patrick Lee

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Patrick Lee wraps up his Travis Chase trilogy with another mind bending, stomach churning adventure. Deep Sky ($8) finds said protagonist and fellow covert Tangent agent Page Campbell on a journey that will take them across the country and through time and reality itself. They are hunting for a secret so sensitive it hasn’t been spoken of in decades, and their only clue is a note left by an assassin with the words “See Scalar”. Travis and Paige have twenty-four short hours to piece together the mystery as a shadowy government group doggedly hunts them.

As Tangent agents the main characters assumed they protected the world’s most guarded secret, but what they uncover along the way will shake them to their very core. The clock is ticking and with more questions than answers, Travis and Paige will take desperate actions to learn the truth. But what and whom they are racing to stop, they can only speculate for now. We can’t say enough about Lee’s imaginative storytelling skills and refreshing original ideas. He’s earned a permanent spot on our bookshelves, real and virtual.

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