Rip yourself up, not your equipment

Brute Force Sandbags

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Sandbag training provides plenty of benefits for athletes of all stripes compared to routines centered only around formal weight lifting. Their awkward shape, along with the slight movements of the sand inside, provides an added endurance challenge, forcing users to constantly adjust to the weight. The no-handled variety are excellent for increasing grip strength too. Anyone who has attempted to use basic sandbags for this type of exercise quickly learns though that they aren’t great for repeat lifting — unless you enjoy cleaning the Sahara out of the exercise room on a regular basis. That’s where Brute Force Sandbags come in.

Back in 2010, couple Keith Burns and Rhonda Baxter set out to make their own sandbag training equipment. After creating more than a few messes, Rhonda decided to use her sewing experience making belly-dancing consumes to fortify bags (no joke), and the rest they say is history. After achieving success in hardcore training circles for MMA fighters, tough mudder runners, strong man competitors, and the military, the company produces an entire line of sand bags for a wide array of weight requirements out of a factory in Denver. Made form durable 1000D cordura, 1000D Mil-Spec Velcro, and YKK Mil-Spec zippers — they’ll take repeated abuse probably longer than you can. Most feature 8 low profile handles for gripping, but if you’re particularly masochistic, they do sell handle-less options as well.

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