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Icebreaker Commute Jacket

Style : Clothing By Photo by Icebreaker

It’s quite satisfying when you find quality bike wear that not only offers up the right functionality, but also looks downright fashionable. We recently tested the Icebreaker Commute Jacket ($230) and fell in love with it — a trend these days with Icebreaker gear. The 84% Merino wool Ponte 355 fabric is both soft and remarkable in its ability to retain its shape. The fabric is incredibly warm and the perfect thickness for those chilly morning rides but not so thick that you’ll be overwhelmed when your blood starts to flow. The breathability is fantastic as is the sheer convenience of its design. Highly reflective piping along the back and sleeves, along with a plethora of pockets (side, chest and the uber-convenient rear pocket) and the longer tail for good coverage are a boon for riders. You’ll be pleased to know it’s far more versatile than its intended purpose, looking sharp with cargos and jeans, too. Clearly no one-trick pony, the Commute will be a welcomed addition to your athletic wardrobe.

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