Et Two, Brutus

Brutus 2.0

Cars By Photo by Brutus Motorcycles

Motorcycles are already far more efficient than their automotive petrol-hog brethren. Now that electric varieties have popped on the scene, you’ll start to see manufacturers emerge with new exhaust-free bikes and eventually go mainstream. The new and beefy Brutus 2.0 certainly doesn’t look like an electric bike hippies would fawn over, thanks to its sinister stance, uber-thick profile and prominent gold flake frame paint job.

Brutus part deux also features a decidedly better lithium-powered battery compared to the original’s lead-acid power supply, as well a new chain-drive system that will propel the 500 pound two-wheeler to 60 in less than five seconds. Translation — the prototype hauls, and as production creeps closer, that sprint time is likely to get better. When it comes time to engage the sensible side of your brain and stop, twin 6-piston caliper rotors upfront combined with a pair of clamps in the rear should do the trick, and light action on the rear break lever is even supposed to mimic the sense of engine-braking found on traditional bikes. No word on top speed, but it should get you to triple digits with ease and the range will be 100 miles plus on a full charge. Look for the bike’s release soon, though the date and the price remain cloaked in secrecy.

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