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Design Spotlight: Nike Hyper Elite Platinum

Design By Photo by BB

Take a trip down memory lane and look at the unis worn by Bird and Magic, vs. Jordan and Isiah Thomas, vs. Lebron and Kobe, and you’ll see just how much the style of basketball has changed. The same trends have flowed through the college game. Yesterday, Nike unveiled what it expects to be the next step in uniform technology for nine elite college programs, who all have won NCCA championships while wearing the swoosh. As the name hints, a shiny platinum coloring forms an eye-catching base, while the team’s signature color and logos layer on individual school pride. The futuristic aesthetic is matched by high-tech construction techniques like laser-etching and ultra-light materials that shave 5% off of the weight of the previous jerseys. Despite the grey theme, these uniforms are also some of the greenest around and are made from 97% recycled material.

Traditionalists obviously won’t enjoy Nike’s meddling in the game, particularly in the case of Syracuse — since their color iteration happens to match Big East rival, Georgetown. Still, they’re bound to be popular with players and garner envy from teams not graced with the Nike touch. Each team is only obligated to wear them once, and the first set will appear during the UConn/Notre Dame match up on Sunday the 29th.

We’ve got some more shots of the kit after the break.