Bicicletta Italiano

Travelteq x Cicli Maestro Traveler Bike

Style : Accessories By Photo by Travelteq

Bringing their subtle Italian style from leather goods to two-wheel motion, Travelteq has collaborated with Milan based Cicli Maestro to create the Traveler Bike (~$1120). For the record, we haven’t decided whether or not to categorize it as a style accessory or simply a stylish bicycle, but we’re leaning toward the former. The single speed bike — available as a fixie or freewheel — is centered around its signature element, an Italian hand-made steel frame coated in 3 layers of ivory paint. It also boasts a Brooks leather saddle and either a sport or city-oriented handlebar — both with Italian leather grips. And in fine Italian tradition, build times are approximately one month. In summary, you’re looking at the unofficial cruiser of the Amalfi Coast.

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Buy Now: $1,120