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Patina: 1967 Shelby/Toyota 2000GT

Cars By Photo by Auto Galeria VIA

It’s not often you see a car this rare and iconic go up on the auction block, especially considering its Japanese origin. The first of its kind, this 1967 Shelby/Toyota 2000GT was brought to life by none other than Mr. Carroll Shelby, himself, for the 1968 C-Production SCCA racing circuit. This was also significant, as it marked the first time a Japanese car was entered into a U.S. racing event. And though it didn’t possess the same horsepower as its main competitor, the Porsche 911, it was driven to several podium finishes in 1968 (more on the Toyota 2000GT). It was restored in the early 1990’s by Maine Line Exotics and has had its fair share of vintage track time at NHIS, Monterey, Morroso and The Goodwood Festival of Speed. It’s driven at the rear wheels by a 230 horsepower Shelby engine and a 5-speed manual transmission. Combined with its full restoration, a solid racing history, the Shelby name and the 1st racing iteration, the car should command nearly $2 million. Now that’s a roundhouse kick to the back of the head.

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