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Koss Porta Pro KTC

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Koss

Flash back to 1984. Prince still went by Prince and was ruling the music charts. Ralph put the macho in Macchio by laying the hurt on Cobra Kai. A former hollywood actor was just reaching the middle of his tenure in the oval office. And Koss introduced what would become one of the most iconic sets of headphones on the market — the Porta Pro.

Now, even after decades of technological advances, the $50 semi-open cans are still widely regarded as one of the best values in the audio world, thanks to their extraordinary sound quality, “Comfort Zone” earpad pressure adjustment, and portable folding design. While we’re all for the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality, the newly announced Porta Pro KTC (or Koss Touch Control) updates the original with an iDevice-certified inline remote / mic combination, making them just as perfect for the iPhone as they were for the Walkman. It’s still unclear how much this Botox treatment will affect the price, but we really don’t expect their value proposition to change. Koss has shared that the set will go on sale sometime this spring, so you’ve still got a little time to get your genius playlist based on Jump in order (just in case you foolishly don’t have it teed up already).

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