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Avid Studio for iPad

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Avid

Looking to go beyond iMovie on your iPad? Consider Avid Studio for iPad. Yup, the software behind some of Hollywood’s biggest films has now been condensed and touch-optimized for the tablet experience, and it costs just $5. Capture media through the iPad Camera Connection Kit or access stored media, and arrange everything quickly in a convenient, intuitive Storyboard mode. A precision frame-by-frame Timeline editor and a slew of studio-quality transitions, 3D animations and effects are also built right in to help turn your home movies into familial blockbusters. The app can also share directly with YouTube and Facebook (amongst others), and when you’re ready to go pro, export directly to Avid Studio (PC only). It may not be a $50,000 workstation, but for just five bucks, this is one mighty powerful app.

Buy Now: $5