Snow Might

Atlas Aspect Snowshoe

Sports and Outdoors : Sports By Photo by Atlas

With enough bite to make a Yeti white with jealousy, Atlas Snowshoe has outdone themselves with the Aspect ($269). Built around an all-new traction system called ReactiV-Trac, the Aspect’ offers up tons of grip thanks to an angry saw-toothed perimeter. Something you’ll want when the powder gets especially naughty. A platform of offset webbing creates a springy platform, which not only absorbs foot impacts but also allows natural movement of the feet, and an elliptical nose makes for easy articulation. In a nod to the modern evolution of snowshoe users (think: adrenaline junkies), a low-profile design and PackFlat binding that easily accommodates bulky snowboard and mountaineering boots, makes for easy, light packing. Slogging through backcountry may not be the most dignified way to kill an afternoon, but when you’re looking to get out of the deep stuff — stat — it’s nice knowing that you can out-maneuver the odd drift or abominable.

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