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Solar Joos Orange

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Joos

We’ve seen the light. Solar power is not only awesome for outdoor, gadget powering duties, but it seems like every month we’re encountering a better, more innovative solution like the Joos Orange ($149). The Joos not only offers up durable, waterproof design that can withstand a bullet, but it does so without the special ops look — not that we don’t love the mil-spec aesthetic.

The Joos Orange also has a critical ace up its sleeve, which makes it better than many of the other solar bakers out there. It’s insanely fast. How fast? Try 350% faster than similarily priced solar chargers. By capturing up to 20x more energy, the Joos Orange can yield two hours of talk time with just an hour of sun. When fully charged, the replaceable 5,400mAh battery pack can charge an iPhone two and a half times. It also works with pretty much any USB-powered device, and you can even track its stats through a computer based app. Need even more glorious power quickly? An optional reflector kit can improve the already fast-charging Joos by up-to 40%. Forget the batteries, we want this in our lifeboat.

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