It sure beats setting up a tent

AT Action Camper for Jeep

Cars By Photo by Adventure Trailers VIA

Jeep’s are legendary for their ability to go anywhere, but what do you do when you get there?. The At Action Camper ($53,500) is designed for extended expeditions into the bush, and features 6’3? of interior headroom, a king-size bed, three-burner stove, sink, 40 liter top-loading refrigerator, integrated dining table, chemical toilet, plenty of storage space, and back access through the cab. Just in case you were curious about hygiene, the AT says the faucet may be pulled out to extend as a shower or bidet combination (oh so Euro).

This also isn’t the type of camper you can just quickly swap on and off, since the original hardtop, tailgate, rear seats, seatbelts, and the rear roll cage are all removed. AT does offer a cut-off roll cage conversion which allows it to be reinstalled though using just six bolts for an extra fee. One benefit of all that surgery is that the entire camper only adds 440 LBs to the vehicles weight, helping with fuel economy.

Our standards for bushwhacking are now officially revised.

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Thanks to Adventure Journal for bringing this to our attention.

Buy Now: $53,500 (not including Jeep)