When these fibers combine...

Dahlgren Socks

Style : Accessories By Photo by Jon Gaffney

While we prefer the warmer, sockless months, the colder ones are just a fact of life. And as such, the right socks are critical. You want to look good, maybe show some ankle flair, and most importantly keep your feet dry. Wicking moisture away from your feet actually keeps them warm in the winter, or cool when socks are called for in the summer. We’ve been wearing Dahlgren Socks ($19) on our feet the last few months and happy to report they’ve done an excellent job keeping the swampiness at bay.

The key is a combination of merino wool (of which we’re already a fan) and alpaca. Though alpaca hasn’t been a material that’s occupied much of our attention to in the sock world, we’ve come to learn that the impressive fiber is not only 3x times as strong as wool but can provide 10x the insulation as well. Mating the two fibers, Dahlgren has developed Dri-Side Technology, which utilizes multiple zones to provide extra cushioning, moisture absorption, and moisture wicking. It’s pretty much rocket engineering for your feet. With dry feet and no noticeable shrinkage after multiple washes, we’re converts.

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