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Musher’s Secret All-Season Paw Protection

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A dog’s paws can withstand all kinds of extreme conditions, but that doesn’t mean traipsing around in the snow, hot sand, or grimy asphalt for long periods of time is good for them. One solution is to pick up some fido footwear like the Bark’n Boots Polar Trex. If you and your hound aren’t thrilled about the idea of feet wrangling on a regular basis, though, Musher’s Secret All-Season Paw Protection ($15) is the way to go.

The dense barrier wax was originally developed in Canada for sled dogs and is made from a blend of 100% natural food-grade products that form a breathable bond with fido’s foot. Once applied, the coating slowly absorbs into the paws and completely “walks off” in about a week. In harsher snow conditions, it’s prudent to re-apply every two to three days. Best of all, Musher’s won’t leave stains on your carpets or flooring, and won’t harm your pooch should they choose to lick it — as they’re prone to do. Slathering some on regularly should earn you points with your vet and canine, but Skijoring is still just out of the question.

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