Size doesn't matter

Bowers & Wilkins Mini Theater

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Bowers & Wilkins VIA

After six years diligently serving the needs of upper-crust home theater fans everywhere, Bowers & Wilkins has finally decided to retool their Mini Theater System. The new M-1 loudspeaker features all new drivers including a tweeter designed in-house, and the same Anti-Resonance Plug found in the brand’s higher-end PM1 bookshelf monitor. The speaker wire connections and stand connections were also revamped. B&W says the improvements give the M-1 better full range and stereo performance that’s on par with larger speakers.

Rounding things out in the higher-end MT-60D package is a new PV1D sub that features a back-to-back arrangement for its twin drive units to equalize pressure and balance, along with an all-new amplifier generating 400 watts of power. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and a dynamic EQ circuit are on board too, as well as an OLED display and control panel for tuning the system. On the outside, B&W’s low end powerhouse is a design statement all on its own, especially compared to the generic boxes of other systems.

A 5.1 MT-60D setup will retail for $2,950 in March. If that’s a bit more than you can manage financially, the good news is the lower-end MT-50 system, which pairs the same M-1 loudspeakers with an ASW608 sub, is slightly more approachable at $1,750. Additional M-1 speakers can be purchased a la carte for $250 each if you’re in need of 7.1. Make sure to pad your budge with an extra $10 to buy your neighbors a nice gift. You’ll want to be on their good side after turning this well-dressed brute on.

Buy Now: $1,750+ (Available March)