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Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic

Tech : Cameras By Photo by Lensbaby

Paving the path for a technique known as “selective focus”, Lensbaby has been cranking out optic after optic focused — defocused might be a better way to describe it — on offering photographers a lens-based solution for creating dramatic photos. Niche? Maybe, but not the Lensbaby Edge 80 ($300).

Functioning similarly to a tilt-shift lens (examples of that here), the Edge 80 lets you compose or dial in focus along a chosen focal plane while to rest of your photos gets treated to wide expanses of out-of-focus blur thanks to a 12-blade aperture diaphragm. That means dramatic photos of people, surreal abstracts of mundane subjects, and yes, even miniaturizing your vacation photos. Unlike Lensbaby’s previous lenses though, the Edge 80 also works when focused straight on, which means it can double as an 80mm portrait or macro lens. Just don’t forget that you’ll need a base like the Composer Pro too.

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