Land, sea and scare

Gibbs Technologies Phibian Amphitruck

Cars By Photo by Gibbs VIA

When’s the last time you checked your land-to-water based escape route? You can cut the number of needed vehicles in half with the new Gibbs Technologies Phibian that enables you to go from trucker to aquanaut in a matter of seconds. Gibbs has been in the amphibious vehicle world for some time now and is the force behind our favorite amphibius toy the quadski. Their new Phibian, however, was built with bigger aspirations in mind. Measuring 30-foot-long with a 500 hp turbo diesel engine, this beast is primarily made of carbon fiber and capable of reaching highway speeds on the road while bringing 15 passengers along for the ride. It’s also capable of switching from 2WD to 4WD on rougher terrain.

When the land ends, the wheels quickly retract and a dual jet propulsion system engages that can tackle waves at speeds of 30 mph or more, or about what you’d expect from a typical police patrol boat. It won’t respond to go-go-gadget boat or truck voice commands, but it is capable of transitioning from land to water in under 10 seconds with just the push of a button. We wouldn’t count on the Phibian being truly graceful on either surface, but the fact that it can do both is truly awesome. Pricing is still unknown, but unless your name is Uncle Sam, it’s probably out of your budget.

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