Style Pick: Cantarelli Quilted Down Jacket

Style : Clothing By Photo by Massaboutique

There’s new jacket style trickling into the men’s fashion circuit that combines the traditional outdoor look of puffy down with the tailored cut of a blazer. For the most part, only high-end brands like Moncler have started to introduce the concept for astronomical price points. Italian brand Cantarelli definitely falls into the same category, but their iteration on the trend happens to be on sale for 50% off at the moment. $555 is still nothing to scoff at, but if you’ve been lusting after the Michelin Man’s look, this is one of the best opportunities to strike that we’ve come across. The horizontal quilted goose down blazer features two patch pockets on the right side along with a detachable nylon windproof bib for added warmth. Il tuo benvenuto.

~$555 |