Cool Beans

The Coffee Bag Dry Bag by Detours

All of the stylish leather bike carriers in the world don’t amount to a hill of beans when the weather turns foul. The Coffee Bag by Detours ($24), on the other hand, is a versatile dry bike bag designed in the shape of, well, a coffee bag. Based in Seattle since 2005, Detours created this bag as a tribute to their city’s famed beverage, and designed it to withstand the area’s uniquely moist conditions. Size-wise, it has a capacity of 100 cu inches and thanks to two securing points, it can be stashed almost anywhere on the bike (including in bottle racks or as a dry bag for larger panniers). Five “blends” are available for $24 a pop, each with a different log and color, celebrating five classic riding states including Washington, Colorado, California, Minnesota, and Maine. If you prefer a more minimalist look, there’s also a basic black version sporting just the Detours logo. They’re perfect for everyone ranging from stylish commuters to rugged randonneurs, we just wish they’d throw in the java too.

Buy Now: $24