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Lehmann Aviation LFPV UAV

Tech : Cameras By Photo by Lehmann Aviation VIA

Lehmann Aviation’s latest LFPV (~$2,352) is one of the more affordable ways to get movie-grade aerial videos and photos without renting a chopper. While it’s certainly no predator drone, the small UAV does come equipped with a camera capable of full HD video and 11MP stills. Based on the photos and specs, it looks like it’s a GoPro HD Hero 2, but we could be wrong. In case you’re worried about hurling 2k worth of gear into the sky and never seeing it again, the LFPV features a handy live data connection that provides GPS coordinates, altitude and battery charge levels remotely to users. Since the device features the same ground control system used by Lehmann’s other higher-end UAVs, users also have access to an 800 x 480 live streaming video feed and complete steering control. Hell, there’s even auto pilot on board in case nature calls. Ok, so maybe it’s not the most practical photography accessory for amateurs users, but if you really want that Enemy of the State vibe for your next family movie, now you at least know where to look.

Buy Now: ~$2,352 (Available End of February)