Barefoot running is the “Bieber fever” of sports at the moment, and nearly every major athletic footwear brand out there has produced some form of barefoot running-style shoe to capitalize on the trend. The Swiss Barefoot company rides the same bandwagon with a slightly different twist. Their ultra-tough socks are made from a blend of 50% Kevlar, 32% polyester, 10% cotton, and 8% Spandex to protect wearers feet from cuts or injures. Since they lack a proper rubber sole, they supposedly provide a more natural stride. We haven’t tested their mettle ourselves, but the Swiss barefoot company has plenty of media materials depicting sock-clad wanderers tackling all sorts of activities. Personally, walking around in wet socks still doesn’t sound appealing to us, no matter how Chuck Norris-like they may be. Available in long and short sizes starting at ~$73, they’re expensive, but still a bargain compared to a tetanus shot.

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