Two barrels drink better than one

Tasting Notes: Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

Culture By Photo by Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve has put out a handful of interesting whiskeys of late, including the New and Aged Cask Ryes and, coming this March, its Double Oaked Bourbon ($50). While the former spirits are part of Woodford’s Master’s Collection and therefore available for a limited time, Double Oaked is an extension of the brand’s permanent lineup.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is, as the name implies, a product of two barrels. The whiskey is aged in separate, charred oak casks, the second of which is deeply toasted. This imbues the spirit with additional amounts of soft, sweet oak character.

The deep amber bourbon has aromas of caramel, dark fruit, chocolate, honey and toasted oak. Drink up to find oaky, harmonious flavors of vanilla and caramel mingling with earthy hazelnuts and baking spices. It finishes long and creamy with notes of honeyed fruit.

That’s some good bourbon. This isn’t the first time Woodford has experimented with oak, but in our estimation, it’s the most successful. Find Woodford Reserve Double Oaked on store shelves beginning in March 2012.

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