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Gear Patrol is Hiring a Part Time Contributor

Update: We’ve been totally stunned by the number of applicants from the posting. Seriously, we had to setup a Google filter so we didn’t miss any. Looks like there are others out there with our same crazy, incurable affliction for gear hunting. If you’re interested in the job, be sure to write in sooner than later. We won’t be able to respond to everyone’s application, but rest assured if your case is good, we’ll be in touch. No guarantees on an equally witty response.

We’re looking for part-time contributors with a particular set of skills (ahem, in our best Liam Neeson voice) to join our small, but growing team. Read through the qualifications below, and let us know if you think you’ve got what it takes.

You’re a regular Hemingway in the making, with the resume to prove it.
You love to write and can do it fast. Long form, short form, assigned, unassigned — it’s all one big intellectual gravy train to you, just as long as you can put a pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard in this case, and write sharply. You’ve also already contributed to other publications (traditional or online), cast and honed top-notch copy, composed soliloquies/novels, or written frequent letters to the editors of your favorite publications, explaining why time travel is totally plausible.

You love the internet. Possibly more than your parents.
You read more websites and magazines than you care to admit, and when you can’t surround yourself with dual monitors swathed in browser tabs, you’re going through withdrawal siphoning off news wherever you can: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, rogue Soviet satellites, etc. All that said, you’re judicious about what you actually like and passionate about what you love.

You must be available, and we’re not talking emotionally.
Judiciously covering, technology, cars, style, design, travel, adventure, culture, and spirits takes time. Qualified candidates must be available to work at least part of the week, roughly 20 hours, between 9-7 EST and be capable of pouncing on breaking news like a fat kid on Twinkies. Yes, your output matters. A lot. Big plus if you’re in New York, but it’s not compulsory.

Hand holding was never your thing — but you enjoy team sports, like curling.
Deadlines and logistics feed your soul. You enjoy learning, but don’t need a tutor. You take pride in being relied on to get sh#! done, knowing that whatever leaves your desk is a direct reflection of your craft. Your best foot forward is your only foot forward.

Does all this sound suspiciously like a personal ad aimed at you? Drop us a line at jobs [at] with a brief note about why you think you’re qualified, your resume, writing samples, and make sure to put “PT Contributor” as your subject.